The Trine Monologue

The Trine Monologues are a series of monologues that muse about the concepts underlying Perfect Trine. All of these articles have begun as discussions, usually on discord and various forums, which I have re-written and edited.

image from the Atalanta fugiens

The Philosophers Stone and Enneagram

Make of a man and woman a circle; then a quadrangle; out of this a triangle; make again a circle, and you will have the Stone of the Wise.
modes of thought

Attachments – identification

Attachments are things we choose to identify with. Attachments are the things we believe in. Attachments are things we lose ourselves in.

Emotional thoughts

Emotional thoughts can be hard to put one’s finger on. More often than not what we think are our emotions…
Thinking thoughts

Thinking Thoughts

Thinking thoughts are the animated lively thoughts in our mind. Thinking thoughts often deal with probabilities and relationships with and between things.
Moving Thoughts

Moving Thoughts

Moving thoughts get things done. Moving thoughts are focused on the world around them. Moving thoughts are thoughts we use to navigate and manipulate our environment.

Moments of Novelty

A Moment of Novelty is a moment when things change.
petal buffer

Impressions and Shocks

Most people would do nothing if there wasn’t a shock. It is the shocks that keep all of life churning.
narrative cables

Your Narrative

Our Narrative is comprised of our point of view at any given moment at any given place.
Aim over time

Taking Aim

For a moment let’s imagine a straight line that goes from who and what you are now all the way to who and what you hope to become.
identifications In time

Archetypes, Identification, and the Thought Complex

A group of thoughts that are brought together through association are a thought complex.
Signatures of identifications

The Dual Nature of Time

Time is the potentiality of experience, and the flow of individual time is the rate at which potentialities are realized.
– G.I. Gurdjieff
identifications In time


All energy spent on conscious work is an investment; that spent mechanically is lost forever
Single identifications

Identification and Considering

Man is always in a state of identification.

——G.I. Gurdjieff
associated thoughts

The mechanical structure of our mind

…man is a veritable thinking machine….

The Significance of the Significator

The significator cards represent your signature. These are the cards whose signatures are your chief features.

The Intuitive Shuffle

The moment intuition is used to understand a card, the original meaning for that card, is void.

Spread of the houses

This spread helps us learn the signatures of the houses.

Signs and Signatures

Rulership, governance, signatures; these are the fundamental stuff of astrology, alchemy, and the occult.

The Changes spread

This is a method for creating a hexagram of the Book of Changes with a deck of poker cards.

Philosophers Stone spread

The philosophers stone spread is not so much for divination as it is for gaining an understanding of what is happening around us

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