The Significance of the Significator

The significator card is a card that "signifies," the object of the spread. Once you have cards that you consider your significator, you have the cards that represent signatures that correspond with who you are. The cards that represent your signature, are the cards whose signatures are your chief features. These cards do not change … Continue reading The Significance of the Significator

The Philosophers Stone and Enneagram

The occult is repleat with symbols. There's some amazing, some bizarre, some thought provoking, some fantastical. Eliphas Levi's iconic work The Ritual of Transcendental Magic alone is stuffed full of symbols. If we ignore the large images that would become certain tarot cards we are still left with sigils, seals, and signs that represent the … Continue reading The Philosophers Stone and Enneagram

Signs and Signatures

Rulership, governance, signatures; these are the fundamental stuff of astrology, alchemy, and the occult. What do these things mean to us now adays and how are they connected to all the symbols on our cards? Rulership and governance, when we take into account the meaning of these words used in other circumstances, imply power from … Continue reading Signs and Signatures