Your birthstone

What is your birthstone after all? Can you really add up all of the numbers on your credit cards or drivers licence to find it? Does the day of the week, the month or the year have any bearing on the stone you need? Does that birthstone app in the app store really work? A bunch of people born on the same day together, and it would be fairly obvious to even the most untrained observer we would want to pair them each up with different things.

The idea of birth stones was originally a part of heraldry. The stone represented the house or tribe one was born in. Over the millennia the habit and some of it’s structure has stayed in place. Birthstones make that awesome gift that reminds the significant other that you ARE after all capable of remembering their birthday. But we want to use crystals and so forth for healing and meditation. It is most likely the system of heraldry is not going to suffice for the subtle selection of crystals, minerals, and other things to improve our health and well being. So lets take a peak into the theEther and find out about birthstones and what not in;

Choosing the right crystal

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