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It has been a busy week. I must have thought I was going to snap my fingers and this blog was going to appear.

How to read poker cards for divination


I’ve added a few more cards to my study on the decan of the horoscope and how they correspond to a deck of playing cards.

Using a natal chart to select crystals.

Crystal question

I wrote a short piece on how to select the proper crystals, stones, and minerals for yourself… Or to at least know if someone’s doing a good job for you.

How to choose the right crystal.



I wrote a short page on Astrodynes, what they are and some of the ways that one can start to use them to read a chart.

Astrodynes – a run down

A new chat room on Discord

I started a Discord server called the-ether-world. If anyone has questions, suggestions, or corrections feel free to drop in and leave me a message. Or we can just chat if there’s something you want to talk about.

Keep your eyes peeled for new pages and posts. I have notebooks that go back over twenty or so years that I will be transferring to theEther. There will be pages for the beginner all the way up to wherever it is that I have made it so far.

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