In passing

“Life” happened to me for the last five months. The end of a progressed Mars conjunction with my ascending and Uranus. Three solid years of immense obstacles that culminated in the death of my father last month.

Life won’t be “normal” again for a bit, my progressed Uranus and Mars are still in conjunction. But this will be a faint echo of the past few years. More like aching feelings than actual chaos. A couple astrologers I studied under warned me about Mars coming in conjunction with my ASC. and Uranus….I laughed them off. Sorry, you were totally right.

So much has passed, that “normal,” will be another time we remember. And in passing the normal will soon be what it is now.

I have been urged, in the mean time, to get back to it. By closest friends, family, people I can’t remember talking to, and a couple I never met, even it seemed like the universe was sending refreshing things at me to wake me up.

I took the last test to the Brotherhood of Light courses. Being a full fledged Herrmetician now, for whatever that is worth at the moment, it seemed like the next thing to do was poke my head in here make some excuses, hold up my Hermetician’s Certificate, and make like I got a lot done in my absense.

cya soon

2 thoughts on “In passing

  1. You’re always in the game. Even when you sit out a few. My condolences for your loss. Katabasis. Hitting “Like” wouldn’t really make sense. Be well.

  2. Thank you so much. Katabasis is a nice word to describe what happened after all. you were very much right I suppose i was too busy trudging through life to notice.

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