A watery update

Water in the occult sense represents emotions, emotional energy, and the movement of energies in general. A watery card will typically represent something that “hits home,” so to speak. It could be something simple like a call from a friend after a time or that claustrophobic feeling when you have to take that call in a room full of people. When things are going well the water of life is flowing well and unhindered there are no blockages.

Unlike falling or running water which takes the past of least resistance and moves on, the water of life embraces everything in it’s path leaving nothing behind. Like an ocean that greets each obstacle before it’s embrace. The water of life is undaunted by the mountains of our fears and the chasms of our worry. Often it will carry us to places we had never been to…and would rather not be

….and so that is how I found myself here on the internet making a blog. So ill prepared i am like a lumberjack doing his business with a steak knife. So please forgive the mess as I try to get this blog to flow like water. I will be working on different ways to organize and link to the pages I am writing. Things may look really wonky at times, things you like may disappear and never return. Things you don’t like may appear and never leave.

For the moment I have the Faces article organized by each court card. Each court card being the zodiacal parent to it’s three faces. Sort of a stop gap measure for the time being. This leaves their order in their chronological order as they would be seen around the sky. The two and three of Hearts are the latest editions. All the Kings, the first emanation zodiacs, are done now. In the next few days I will be cleaning up the Queens, the second emanation signs.

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