Locked down

Well life has thrown us all a curve ball. I am afraid i have not been here in a year. So much has happened in the last year it seemed like it was time to take a serious break from the things I had been doing for so long. Time for some serious introspection as the world changed all around us. I think a lot of us have done that, and perhaps the rest that haven’t need to.

It is definitely time shake the dust off this project and get it back in gear. People need a distraction and something to believe in now more than anything. I hope I can help in some small way. Due to the quarantine and budgeting the bills, extravagances like the internet and my Adobe account had to be set aside. Lots of doodling and playing with Tarot cards. A friend offered to allow me to move my computer to their house and get me back to work. 🙂

I have posted 7 of clubs – Lyra. a wonderful constellation and one which we coincidentally just experienced last week. The sun travels through Lyra from November 22 to December 2. Be prepared as I will have Aquila and Sagita done in the next few days which will bring the completed list up to date with where the sun ins in it’s course through the stars.

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