a fresh start

If you have been here before you will notice that things have changed a lot. We have removed everything, but it will all be back. Things like the descriptions of each of the Minor arcana cards as poker cards, the articles on intuition, tarot, channeling, astrodynes, etc. are all getting a much needed face lift and update.

The world has changed since this project was begun. Most of the reasons for beginning this have evaporated. Now there are new and even better reasons to finish it. Some things were pulled because we felt they were childish now, other things were suffering from embarrassing typos and grammar errors, and absolutely nothing seemed to fit a new lay out for the web page.

The Little Book of Faces, which describes the minor arcana cards by corresponding them with the constellations has been re-written and completed. We will see this re-appearing on the site soon, it was the beating heart of our web traffic.

We are so sorry the Book of Faces project was left hanging. My father passed away, covid happened, then our computer was donated to a child that had to school from home.

There will be less pictures and art strewn about. If the content is not relevant all the neat pictures in the world aren’t going to make it useful.

We have taken the perfectTrine deck of cards to a whole new level. The last couple years put this into a new perspective. It seemed like it was, “do or die,” as if our whole lives hinged on building this deck for the world to use, to learn with. The world has bigger worries than that, but the deck is still coming along, we created a gallery of some of the color tests we have worked up. If any energy is put into art it will be towards finishing that project not dressing up this blog and site. The deck has garnered some attention. When it is finished it will at the very least go to a limited printing. It will be a dream come true to see our deck wrapped up in foil and embossing like any other top end luxury deck of cards.

We will try to create a blog post every two weeks, even if for no other reason than to let the world know we aren’t dead yet. Keep your eyes peeled for the Little Book of Faces, it will be back online in the next week, with the final four zodiac completed that were never done.

Thank you for being you. We love you, love each other.

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