The intuitive tarot pt1

a divine-itive path

Intuition is such a popular subject lately. We have a lot to say about it, so this intuitive tarot thing will keep re-emerging. Intuition seems to have sunk into every aspect of life… will be nice when the topic fades away again. Most of the time one reads about intuition it is really just guessing or telling tall tales. Most people wouldn’t know what intuition was if they were being crushed under a mountain of it. Taking a good guess or closing your eyes making that leap is definitely not intuition.

Tarot cards are just the latest in a seemingly infinite list of tools to divine with. Other tried and true methods include but are not limited to; sticks, coins, animal guts roasted in the ashes of what was probably a nice camp fire, tea leaves, candle wax, clouds, the list could go on and on and on and on. The systems these tools are attached to vary in complexity greatly and also in how attuned one’s intuition needs to be to take advantage of it.

A person reading smoke or tea leaves will have developed quite a solid way of interfacing with their intuition. In this way they can work directly with the abstract images that are the language of intuition itself. A person using a divinatory system such as the I-ching or tarot is using a pre existing set of symbols that the intuition can assign values to, that the diviner understands the meaning to.

Ironic that a great deal of those practicing, “intuitive tarot,” are convinced they do not use tarot cards for divination. Divination is the use of intuition to get some guidance. As to what is informing the intuition, that is an entirely different subject. Divination acquired it’s title since it was said that the divine god’s were informing us, the new age movement supposes the “is” is doing the informing. Some believe the cards know the answers…

The thing is, the answers are there in our intuition. At this point there is little reason to argue about where the intuition is being informed from. Lets just figure out how to access the intuition and find out what it knows.

The truth the whole truth…

One must learn all the system they have chosen as a whole. A well functioning system of divination as a complete whole will have a facet that represents each of the various situations, personalities, and characteristics of life. If you change the meaning of one card through ignorance or on purpose there would have to be other changes made to compensate. The great decks were created by masters with specific meanings in mind, learning a tarot deck is about climbing into the creators frame of mind.

The more complicated the system the more accurate the divination will be. There will be more answers to choose from, hence covering more specific situations in larger breadth. Tarot’s ability to have the answer staged in the form of a spread that contains extra dimensions to the answers allows the tarot a far greater command of divination than it would appear to have on the surface.

Studying the deck is the key, which comes down to learning all of the cards. There is the memorization method which is how everyone will start out. The other method is to study the subjects the creator of it studied themselves. This method creates an understanding of the card that far exceeds the simple description in a Little White Book. This means if you are using an RWS it is time to read Arthur Waite’s works, not read a book written by a person that read his works and painted their own new pictures.

In Astrology, for instance, it can seem daunting to learn what a planet in a certain sign means. There seems to be so many combinations to memorize. The key is not to memorize but to learn how combinations of attributes evolve into specific state. The same is true with the tarot.

With a command of the meaning of the number seven and of the meaning of the element Earth it is just one simple step away to always understand a seven of swords. There is no need to grapple with making a memorized description of the seven of swords fit the overall meanings that fit the question put forth. The seven of swords can be drawn as the answer to any question, but it will surely have a different way of being interpreted.

As this method is assimilated and begins to function automatically, intuition will slowly be left out of the process of reading the cards all together. Any spread before you and you will know what the cards actually mean. This gives intuition a chance to take it’s rightful place taking control of the shuffle so that you can read the proper cards.

At this point your tarot will have reached the level of divine interface. You will have accessed the infinite mind that shaman, oracles, seers, witches, and the wise of all ages have accessed. The evolution is still grinding on, what was once the realm of reading hot coals has evolved into a deck of cards.

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We are listening. Simply put, I grimace when I see or hear the phrase intuitive tarot. Is there some other kind? Laugh out loud. I’ve been sharing my opinion with readers and related enthusiasts (I live in the SF Bay Area, lots of those folks here) and it is seldom well received. Laugh out loud again. I hear you say that Intuition’s proper function in Tarot (and other systems) is to guide the shuffle of the cards. I agree. Always a pleasure to hear from you. I look forward to your expression of Divination’s origin. The art for the perfectTrine Alchemy deck is amazing!
From an original KS backer . . .

thanks for listening, I am so sorry I didn’t carry out that kick starter, It was a rough time. Really exciting to know you like that new art, it makes such a difference making the cards with traditional methods and not on the computer.

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