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The Intuitive Tarot pt.3

The third and final installment of Intuition and Tarot

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Why intuition? Why with tarot? What is it that we are really trying to accomplish with tarot cards?  Why magic, alchemy, Kabballah, and astrology? How is any of this intuitive? To be dreadfully honest, none of these are intuitive. If this stuff was intuitive, everyone would know the meaning of every card.

Let’s not ponder the mechanisms for this moment, let’s ponder what, “The people that invented tarot cards were doing”. These people were searching for what? To put it most succinctly, we will borrow a phrase from Ouspenski, they were in search of the miraculous. The miraculous does not exist here in our world, so the search led inside, to the inner world, where enlightenment resides.

These people were the first of the new age movement. People drawn to meditation and the inner landscape of the mind. Techniques that were the sole province of religious mysticism and philosophy were were being grasped by non-believers.  They literally did not have the training or the structure to follow through, they needed to create their own structures. This driving need for a tool with a structure to assist in this search led to the creation of the tarot.

Tarot cards in this view were created as an outgrowth from a spiritual searching. These were created by people who had already spent many years exploring the inner worlds of their being through religion, meditation, yoga, and anything else that came their way. The tool needed to be flexible enough to incorporate varied studies and at the same time depict correspondences and relationships between the concepts themselves and between the different areas of study.

Tarot is the new kid on the block, so to speak. Most systems of divination and tools for inner searching are literally hundreds upon thousands of years old. It is easy to wonder if the industrial age allowed for this to happen so quickly and fluidly this time. The ability to communicate and travel the world, the opening of libraries full of lost documents, and maybe most importantly the fall of the old order. As the institutions of the old world were crumbling the last holders of those secrets were urged and drawn to sharing their secrets with those who were searching for it, or else it all be lost forever. Helena Blavatsky, George Gurdjieff, Aleister Crowley, Elbert Benjamin, Peter Ouspensky, and many others were gifted with the chance to learn in places and from masters who had been separated from the world for centuries. The words of these spiritual explorer are very special and precious, the secrets they would learn, would be all wiped away by the ensuing conflicts and two world wars.

The inner world still looms large and unexplored. Surely we are probing deeper into space than we are into ourselves. It is far more illustrious to be a rocket scientist that probes the heavens, than it is to simply be aware of one’s self and one’s place in all of nature. The funny thing about the inner world is it is tricky to get to and even harder to stay in, just like outer space.

There are really two main ways of getting there under one’s own will. Through the breath and through intuition. The makers of our tarot cards will have learned this from their studies of Yoga and Kabballah. Almost everyone knows to some extent that controlling the breathing coupled with visualization is a very basic way to trigger meditative states, less well known is to use intuition, where a person must observe themselves, it is an acting of being aware of ones awareness.

This intuitive meditation is the key to shuffling the cards. One is observing themselves shuffling and yet at the same time detached and only observing. As if there are two minds working, one is shuffling and handling the cards, the other is observing the shuffle and aware of the issue that is the query for the spread and the way the cards will be spread out.

What is really amazing is that once one reaches this point, the cards become less important. The cards are not even needed. Tarot cards are like a high chair or training wheels. At first they may be needed, after some time they are kept out of sentimentality, but then a time comes along when they are just holding the process of enlightenment back from moving forward.

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