Occult Art tarot The Spread

A perfectTrine major arcana

We must apologize for being late on our blog post, we were right in the middle of something. It started as an honest side project to create a small graphic that showed the cards laid out with the order you lay them out in numbered order just like any other picture depicting a tarot spread.

Well the picture looked so plain and boring we got distracted. So we spent the last 3 weeks meditating on The Spread and drawing cool art for each card position in the spread.

We’ve had the idea of making a major arcana for the perfectTrine deck for a couple years. But nothing ever really seemed to fit the bill.

This one’s an artistic contemplation of the three thought types functioning.

Well it’s actually coming out so good so quickly, please bear with us a few more weeks. Hopefully we can go through these next posts on The Spread using some cool pictures we made, rather than just a picture with a bunch of rectangles with numbers.

In the meantime let us leave you with this art and wish you well.

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