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perfectTrine – alchemy

We have begun the final art for the new perfecTrine poker cards.

The art for the Alchemy deck is the result of our decision to meditate upon the philosopher’s stone during the covid quarantine. With hundreds and hundreds of designs it seemed like it was a simple stretch to use these new designs as the sigils for our perfecTrine deck. Life doesn’t like to make things simple.

The new designs did not lend themselves to line art. One of the kids needed our computer to continue school during quarantine. The project moved to different media, Copic markers which gave everything a really nice glow. We can’t say enough good things about Copic markers they turned what may have seemed sterile and empty into something vibrant and crisp. As some put it, “good enough to eat.”

There is so much we would like to dive into about occult art, the art of the Alchemy deck, and the perfecTrine deck of cards. For now, we need to get back to it, we will touch on all those topics and more as we get more and more of these finished.

There is still a long way to go. There are dozens of designs for the back to go through and select for each version, the tuck boxes need to be designed, foil work, embossing, etc. Each step needs to work hand in hand with the others. We have been working on perfecTrine for so long now it is time to set it all in ink.

We are excited to finally be doing this with you.

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