Signs and Signatures

The Signature of Capricorn Mountain

Rulership, governance, signatures; these are the fundamental stuff of astrology, alchemy, and the occult. What do these things mean to us now adays and how are they connected to all the symbols on our cards?

Rulership and governance, when we take into account the meaning of these words used in other circumstances, imply power from above.

I prefer the word signature because it implies the overall state of being of something.

Understanding signatures can give us a way to approach life in bite-size bits. Seeing the signatures of things allows us to navigate events that we can see coming, to help us not get lost in the details and to see the big movements and changes for what they actually are.

Understanding what a signature is and how it is created allows us to react better. It gives us a way to see how we feel and how we are reacting in a different light. Studying signatures shows us that what we see is not what is really there. What we are seeing is what we expect to see based on how we feel.

Take a look with me at how I use signatures in my work, in my new article

The Signature of Thought

Each and everything has its own signature. The sum total of what that thing is.

Astrology has evolved a flexible structure to categorize the signature of things with. The signature of a thing is usually a very subjective categorization. For instance, a plant with thorns and bitter berries surely is displaying signatures corresponding with Aires, while at the same time possessing healing virtues that are signatures of Jupiter, and perhaps a fragrance that is a signature of Venus. The signature of a thing must be depicted by its chief features, for everything will have in some amount each signature….more…