Our Chief Features

As humans we are multifaceted creatures. From one moment to the next depending on what we are going through we show the world a different face. Generally we are completely unaware of the chameleon-like changes that take place as the conditions around us change.

We will slip into different roles depending on the situation. The face that greets the family for a holiday dinner is not the same face that greets me in the mirror the next morning. As a matter of fact, the longer I look in the mirror the more I notice there’s a difference. I stand taller and with more attention when my parents are around, than I do when I’m alone staring at myself in the bathroom. I am more thoughtful, and I spend more time listening with my parents, alone in the morning my mind is full of thoughts, and I can’t even remember what I heard on the radio a moment ago.

And these two very different versions of me are completely different person than the person that walks into work each day. Sometimes it feels like one part of me is put to sleep as another part is awaking just as I walk through the door of my employment.

These faces that we show the world I think of them as our “chief features.” Our chief feature would be the feature that is most apparent that affects our life and the lives of others around us the most. Of all these different roles we slip into one of these roles will predominate.

Learning to see our own Chief feature is an art. It requires mastering self observation, a being aware of oneself. It all starts with mindfulness.

As long as we live at the whim of our features. As long as our lives are automatically carried out according to the environment we are in. We will never be able to write our own narrative for our life. Life will just happen to us.

This is an article I wrote for a different blog. That blog, the Narrative, deals with a tarot deck I designed. The Narrative and the Trine projects are so involved I had to separate the discussions. All the same many features of both are identical, the Narrative grew from the experiment that is the perfect Trine deck. So, there will be a lot of article ghosting between the two blogs, feel free to treat them as one.

In this article I make a short survey of the plasticity of my chief features. these features are relevant here because we want to notice these features and use our signatures to describe these various states that we take note of.


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