finished the principal art

perfect Trine

I have completed the principal art for the Trine deck of poker cards. The plan is of course to get them printed but, let me not put the cart before the horse. There is still a mountain of work to do. The art that I have accumulated for this project is only half of the puzzle.

There is no need to get too deep into what these cards are actually about here. The answers are hidden here and there in my blogs and articles.

I created a gallery of all of the cards, it is hard to study them in the animations.

The Book of Faces goes over what the cards may mean if one were to use them for fortune telling or games.

The articles on the Enneagram delve into the meaning of the enneagram and how it is used.

The Blog articles wind through a maze of thoughts and ideas that weave through all of these subjects. I have years of these that I refresh and re-release and new ones that I write when I have the time.