Your Narrative

A great deal of what is happening around us gets filtered out. The things that do leave impressions on us, the things that we can actually recall about the day for instance, have an emotional element to them. If an event takes place and has no emotional impact it will be very difficult to recall later.

These moments that we can recall and that we can imagine in our future are our Narrative. This is the story we tell ourselves, it is our life so to speak. Like a ribbon it has high points and low points.

your Narrative is comprised of our point of view at any given moment at any given place. It is a map of your identifications over time. Things happen around us and make us feel certain ways. That feeling combined with the memory of the moment is the point of view.

We don’t have as much control over our narrative as we would hope. Things happen we have no control over and then we often react in ways that we would react to such things, without a second thought. At the end of the day a Narrative often sounds like a series of catastrophes and triumphs. Definitely not the story one would tell if they were writing their own narrative.

It’s important to keep one’s narrative running true with one’s Aim. In order to do this one has to focus on their Aim.

When one’s Aim is forgotten, The Narrative takes over. The Narrative is like a ribbon winding in the wind.

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