Impressions and Shocks

point of shock

Most people would do nothing if there wasn’t a shock. It is the shocks that keep all of life churning.


Impressions are changes to our psyche brought about through things that are sensed. The things we read, things that we witness, things that we feel, things that we hear these all leave impressions on us.

The belief in this idea comes and goes and not long ago the idea seemed a little far-fetched. But with topics like how pornography, violent video games, and television affect the development of children impressions are making an impression.

Anything we focus ourselves upon will leave an impression upon us.


Shocks are events that happen to us. Shocks can leave an impression and shocks can give us the ability to create an impression. Shocks are the events that happen around us in the world. Shocks can also rise up from within us.

Unlike impressions where we have to choose what to focus on, shocks happen to us. Some shocks happen to everybody. When a war happens this is a heck of a shock to everybody involved. A shock of this nature causes change in everybody’s lives.

Shocks are the key points in a philosopher’s stone and an enneagram that are depicted by the triangle.

Moments of novelty

Impressions and shocks are things that happen to us that change who we are. They are what I like to call Moments of Novelty. And I think this is a really useful and important point to understand about impressions and shocks.

A shock or an impression has to happen at a certain time. If a shock or an impression is not given time to express itself, it cannot be taken advantage of. It is important to recognize a shock or impression as an opportunity when it arrives. It’s this moment when there is the possibility of creating change and perfecting the Aim. These moments do not come along very often, they are special moments.

These are Moments of Novelty.

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