Moments of Novelty

 “The right man is the one who seizes the moment.”

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Novelty is something new or different. A Moment of Novelty is a moment when things change. There are moments when things happen that change the way things are, and these are Moments of Novelty.

Atomic bomb. The revolutions in France and America. Period of enlightenment. Harnessing fire. Discovering a simple machine like the screw or the wheel. It’s not hard to look back in history and see that at certain times were more moments of novelty than others. There also can be great lengths of time in between the moments.

In our lives it’s usually not hard to look back and see our own moments of novelty. Those decisions made when events happened that change the course of our life in an instant. These moments stand out to us as they are emotionally charged, and we see them as pivotal. In a manner every moment is novel in its own way. Every moment is a moment of change and at every moment with the right effort something could be done. Every moment is a moment of novelty to one extent or another depending on how it is acted upon.

A shock does not necessarily mean that moment will be a moment of novelty. The shock taking place must be acted upon properly in order to create a moment of novelty. Everyone knows the feeling of a missed opportunity. This is a moment when the shock was out of time with the reaction and the moment of novelty was passed by. On the other hand, there can be shocks so big, they become a Moment of Novelty for the entire planet.

There is art in knowing when and how to seize the moment for yourself.

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