Moving Thoughts

Moving Thoughts

Moving thoughts get things done. Moving thoughts are focused on the world around them. Moving thoughts are thoughts we use to navigate and manipulate our environment.

Skills that we learned to do well or habitually are typically moving thoughts. Tying a knot at first requires a lot of conscious thought, after a time, it becomes a more automatic effort. When the knot is tied quickly and effortlessly, the knot has been tied with moving thoughts. Moving thoughts coordinate very well with the body.

By and large moving thoughts will happen automatically if we don’t take the time to observe what’s happening. We don’t think consciously about opening the door by twisting the knob, but there’s a lot of thoughts taking place in the process.

Most people experience moving thoughts as images. Images are the language of the body, they’re necessary for ourselves to find their way through the environment spatially.

People who tend to predominantly think with moving thoughts, will often do something without even appearing to think. Things will happen as reactions and they will happen quickly. They will also be less prone to change or adapting to a new situation.

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