The Signature of Thought – Part Two

Signatures of identifications
Signatures of identifications

The whole outward visible world with all of its being is a signature, or a figure of the inward spiritual world…

Jacob Boehme – The Signature of all Things

Astrological Signatures

By leveraging the already extant archetypical categories of the zodiac and the planets, we can easily give a value to anything. Whether it is a person, place, thing, an event, thought, or a time the essence can be noted using these 22 values. 

Each zodiac and the planet with their two chief features each using one keyword.

zodiac Table of signatures
ZodiacPositive FeatureNegative Feature
Aires ♈LeadershipOfficiousness
Taurus ♉StabilityObstinacy
Gemini ♊VersatilityChangeableness
Cancer ♋TenacityTouchiness
Leo ♌KindnessDomination
Virgo ♍AnalysisCriticism
Libra ♎AffabilityApprobative-ness
Scorpio ♏ResourcefulnessTroublesomeness
Sagittarius ♐LoyaltySportiveness
Capricorn ♑DiplomacyDeceit
Aquarius ♒AltruismArgumentativeness
Pisces ♓SympathyWorry
Zodiac with keywords.
table of planetary Signatures
PlanetBest QualityWorst Quality
Sun ☉LeadershipOfficiousness
Moon ☾StabilityObstinacy
Mercury ☿VersatilityChangeableness
Venus ♀TenacityTouchiness
Mars ♂KindnessDomination
Jupiter ♃AnalysisCriticism
Saturn ♄AffabilityApprobative-ness
Uranus ♅ResourcefulnessTroublesomeness
Neptune ♆LoyaltySportiveness
Pluto ♇AltruismArgumentativeness
Planetary Keywords in order of speed

In the various applications of Astrology, the faces can appear to be quite a bit different. Some practitioners use the planets that rule the zodiac rather than the zodiac themselves. To compound this some types of astrology do not incorporate all of the planets. Some forms of astrology break the faces down into individual days. Some forms of astrology start the year in different places. One can easily imagine the myriad of different forms the faces could take depending on the methods one chooses to use to construct them.

Other Essential Articles

Philosophers Stone spread

The philosophers stone spread is not so much for divination as it is for gaining an understanding of what is happening around us

The Changes spread

This is a method for creating a hexagram of the Book of Changes with a deck of poker cards.

Signs and Signatures

Rulership, governance, signatures; these are the fundamental stuff of astrology, alchemy, and the occult.

Spread of the houses

This spread helps us learn the signatures of the houses.

Our Chief Features

Generally speaking, we are completely unaware changes taking place within us as the conditions around us change.

The Intuitive Shuffle

The moment intuition is used to understand a card, the original meaning for that card, is void.

The Significance of the Significator

The significator cards represent your signature. These are the cards whose signatures are your chief features.

The mechanical structure of our mind

…man is a veritable thinking machine….

Identification and Considering

Man is always in a state of identification.

——G.I. Gurdjieff

finished the principal art

I have completed the principal art for the Trine deck of poker cards.


All energy spent on conscious work is an investment; that spent mechanically is lost forever

The Dual Nature of Time

Time is the potentiality of experience, and the flow of individual time is the rate at which potentialities are realized.
– G.I. Gurdjieff

Archetypes, Identification, and the Thought Complex

A group of thoughts that are brought together through association are a thought complex.

Taking Aim

For a moment let’s imagine a straight line that goes from who and what you are now all the way to who and what you hope to become.

Your Narrative

Our Narrative is comprised of our point of view at any given moment at any given place.

Impressions and Shocks

Most people would do nothing if there wasn’t a shock. It is the shocks that keep all of life churning.

The Signature of Thought – Part one

Each and everything will have its own signature. The signature being the impression a thing has upon us. Or to put it another way, ” The signature of a thing is how we identify with it.”

Moments of Novelty

A Moment of Novelty is a moment when things change.

Moving Thoughts

Moving thoughts get things done. Moving thoughts are focused on the world around them. Moving thoughts are thoughts we use to navigate and manipulate our environment.

The Signature of Thought – Part Two

Each and everything will have its own signature. The signature being the impression a thing has upon us. Or to put it another way, ” The signature of a thing is how we identify with it.”

Thinking Thoughts

Thinking thoughts are the animated lively thoughts in our mind. Thinking thoughts often deal with probabilities and relationships with and between things.

Emotional thoughts

Emotional thoughts can be hard to put one’s finger on. More often than not what we think are our emotions…

The Signature of Thought – Part Three

Applying a signature to an inanimate thing, is a matter of reflecting upon how we identify with a thing. 

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