Emotional thoughts

emotional Weave

Emotional thoughts can be hard to put one’s finger on. More often than not what we think are our emotions are usually moving thoughts and thinking thoughts that aren’t functioning properly.

Emotional thoughts activate the entire body. Emotional thoughts are really very simple on/off thoughts. To put it quite plainly emotional thoughts are binary; either we like it or we don’t. And the various levels of enjoyment or displeasure in between the two extremes.

Emotional thoughts drive everything else that we think and do. Emotional thoughts have a direct connection with the body. When something triggers this emotionality we feel it with the whole body and it is either good or it is bad.

It is a misconception that emotional thought is clouded. Emotional thoughts are quite clean cut, black and white, yes and no. It is how we feel about these emotional thoughts that can be confusing and create dilemmas in our life.

As one delves into themselves an important step in meditation is understanding the difference between one’s feelings that they have about their emotions.

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