Attachments – identification

modes of thought

Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be obtained only by someone who is detached.

Simone Weil

Attachments are things we choose to identify with. Attachments are the things we believe in. Attachments are things we lose ourselves in.

We can be attached to a thing like cards or comic books. We can become attached to an idiology such as a political point of view, religion, or philosophy. Many people become attached to the act of being entertained and spend a great deal of their time and money going to concerts and movies and on vacations. People become attached to the things they own or become attached to their dreams.

Being attached narrows our point of view. As an attachment grows one begins to view the world through the attachment. Everything is done for the sake of the object of the attachment.

Ever had a friend who’s all about their sports team? Everything’s in a certain set of colors They don’t miss a single game, their entire life is scheduled around that team’s season. It can be hard to even have a conversation with them without having the subject of this team pop up. Even the most mundane talk about the things that happened during the day could spark a comparison to something that happened to one of the players on a team just like that days events.

The good stuff

Attachments are important, it’s good to feel attached to our job, for instance. It ensures that we don’t do anything foolish to lose it, it gives the job an inner value to ourselves. Probably a lot like how a badger gets attached to its hole and hunting ground. At the same time it’s important to understand that we are attached to our job for certain reasons. We are not our job… And a badger is not its hole.

If we didn’t form attachments to things we would have nothing. The balance isn’t about being in a state of complete non-attachment or detachment. If one is in a state of non-attachment they are constantly letting go of everything and hold nothing to themselves. If one just becomes detached they’re not even a part of the real world, they’re in a constant state of running from it.

One must become detached. Not in a complete state of detachment but detach themselves from the attachment, in order to observe its functioning. And from this state of detachment the decision can be made as to whether or not it should be kept. Detachment should last only for as long as it takes one to witness the attachment functioning.

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