About Us


We are Kenney and Autumn.

Out of sheer boredom and an incredible number of average events in an extraordinary order we were led to making cards. An eccentric hobby that allows me to buy markers without too much guilt. And gives the two of us a reason to play with our cards together when we’re trapped inside, and we don’t get to go in the garden or out in the woods.

A labor of love now. We were forced to set this project aside a few times due to commitments to the family, the various other hurdles of life, and the covid pandemic that we’ve all lived through together.

The “perfect” in perfect trine comes from a Tarot journal I made for keeping track of my meditations. For lack of anything else I called it the Perfect Journal. The “trine” is the most auspicious event in astrology.

Perfect Trine is the result of that journal and all of life colliding together in our lives.