My name is Kenney. Always searching always learning I started young in Hebrew school, didn’t really fit in. So I spent a lot of time in the library, sending me to the hallway was too much fun, so I spent a lot time just reading the old books. After a big car accident I found myself learning Tai Chi and that led me to study the Book of Changes. I spent my twenties and thirties studying every religion or civilization I could, trying to discover the common threads. In my thirties I found my way into archeo-astronomy, the history of UFO visitation, channeling, and alchemy. One thing led to another and I found my self confronted again and again with the “mysterious” astrology and Tarot. Often referred to in the books from the fringes and astrology from even ancient sources.

Upon reading a passage by G.I. Gurdjieff about astrology and the tarot, I chose to learn the basis of both. So many of the things I had learned appeared to have their source here. So much “ancient knowledge,” was watered down tarot. The “new age” structure of the universe was buried in theories of the modern astrology. I joined the Church of Light 6 years ago and graduated as a Hermetician, and now I spend my spare time mentoring, drawing tarot cards, and studying.

Just as the Book of Changes was a perfect flexible system that fits all of existence, capable of describing all interactions and events, tarot and astrology form similar systems. So complete and variable they describe the same interactions and events and more. An evolution from the Book of Changes or classical astrology, I had found a system of symbolic structure that fit modern life in western astrology and the tarot.

I have spent my entire life searching for the “way.” My Tao. Astrology is not “the way,” that I discovered. Astrology and in particular creating my own tarot decks helped me see I was always “on the way,” my feet never left the path. I just couldn’t see far enough to tell.



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