Divination tarot

The magic is in the shuffle

a bridge to your soul

There is intuition, and then there is intuition. Where is your intuition directed? We focus on the shuffle not the image on the card. Grab a card any card and look at that image. The creator of that card designed that card with a specific meaning in mind, that meaning is the value of the card. The moment intuition is used to understand that card or discern it’s value, the original value for that card is void. If we could make any plea to all the tarot practitioners of the world it would be, ”stop guessing what the card means with your intuition.”

Lets have a thought experiment.

In this experiment there is only one kind of deck of tarot cards in the world. We have all learned the meanings of these cards, they are engraved upon our souls. Everyone knows the meaning of the cards so well, they don’t need pictures just a card with a number. Everyone knows the value of the fiftieth card as well as the first. The meanings of the cards are so well understood they are used to describe the landscapes of our psyche, the cards are road maps to our soul. Everyone finds they can communicate their emotional states to one another with these cards. The internet goes quiet, there is no one asking the meaning of individual cards anymore.

In this world there is no intuition involved with reading the cards, since the value of the cards are completely understood. Now that the value is always known the attention must be directed to the shuffle. It is the shuffle and the cutting of the cards that is bringing the cards to the top of the deck that will give the spread the meaning that is read.

The tarot spreads retain their meanings still. Intuition is expressing itself though our hands as the shuffle is done. To do this, everyone is shuffling more.

Ok…the experiment is over, this little thought experiment was about to destroy the entire tarot industry since everyone was buying the same deck of cards.

A couple things are apparent if enough time and effort are spent in this thought experiment. First off, somehow intuition is capable of being accessed during the shuffle. Secondly in order to leverage this intuition a complete command of the meaning of the cards is needed, no guessing the value of the card is allowed.

We find that the shuffle is a meditation in and of itself. By shuffling the same over and over, shuffling becomes a mechanical movement, an action that the body goes through without any direction or conscious awareness. All awareness is directed towards the question or subject of the tarot spread.

At this point when shuffling comes without thought, is when intuition can take charge and lead the shuffling to stack the deck in it’s favor, so it can communicate the answers requested. In order to do this the shuffle has to be done with such a regular rhythm that intuition is enabled to do it’s magic. If the shuffle goes on too long, not long enough, or a different amount of cuts are made the wrong cards will be on the top.

For instance we shuffle three times then cut three times, shuffle three times and cut three times, and then finally shuffle three times and cut three times. While in the meditative state it requires only the lightest attention be paid to ensure the right amount of shuffle and cuts are made. There is more than enough shuffling to allow for an intuitive stacking of the deck.

Before the shuffle make sure the spread has been decided on. With this choice intuition is being informed as to how many cards are going to be needed for the spread, and what type of thing each card will refer to. Make a conscious decision how you are going to shuffle, and then do that for the rest of your life. Don’t shuffle for so long it is impossible to keep track, don’t make the shuffle so short that it is not possible to re-stack the entire deck. Most importantly, NEVER CHANGE THE SHUFFLE YOU CHOOSE. The important thing is that the shuffle becomes complete muscle memory so that the focus is on the subject at hand and not the handling of the cards.

It is nice that images on some cards connect with people. It is cool that artists are painting over the old stuffy religious cards with something fresh and new. It is more important to accept that cards need to be a complete system with a certain set of values. Values that cover a specific range of events and emotional states in order to communicate. Changing the meaning of one cards necessitates the changing of other cards to reflect the new values. This is no small task, so lets be mindful of our tarot, and not assign meanings where they are not meant to be.

It is now time to shuffle shuffle shuffle. Pull out those old decks you don’t really care for and beat them to death practicing. Shuffle till your hands hurt. Shuffle until you can not count how many decks you have thrown in the garbage. Shuffle and shuffle and shuffle, shuffling should be your new fidget spinner. At some point it will just happen, effortlessly.

At that point the cards will become the bridge to your soul.


a fresh start

If you have been here before you will notice that things have changed a lot. We have removed everything, but it will all be back. Things like the descriptions of each of the Minor arcana cards as poker cards, the articles on intuition, tarot, channeling, astrodynes, etc. are all getting a much needed face lift and update.

The world has changed since this project was begun. Most of the reasons for beginning this have evaporated. Now there are new and even better reasons to finish it. Some things were pulled because we felt they were childish now, other things were suffering from embarrassing typos and grammar errors, and absolutely nothing seemed to fit a new lay out for the web page.

The Little Book of Faces, which describes the minor arcana cards by corresponding them with the constellations has been re-written and completed. We will see this re-appearing on the site soon, it was the beating heart of our web traffic.

We are so sorry the Book of Faces project was left hanging. My father passed away, covid happened, then our computer was donated to a child that had to school from home.

There will be less pictures and art strewn about. If the content is not relevant all the neat pictures in the world aren’t going to make it useful.

We have taken the perfectTrine deck of cards to a whole new level. The last couple years put this into a new perspective. It seemed like it was, “do or die,” as if our whole lives hinged on building this deck for the world to use, to learn with. The world has bigger worries than that, but the deck is still coming along, we created a gallery of some of the color tests we have worked up. If any energy is put into art it will be towards finishing that project not dressing up this blog and site. The deck has garnered some attention. When it is finished it will at the very least go to a limited printing. It will be a dream come true to see our deck wrapped up in foil and embossing like any other top end luxury deck of cards.

We will try to create a blog post every two weeks, even if for no other reason than to let the world know we aren’t dead yet. Keep your eyes peeled for the Little Book of Faces, it will be back online in the next week, with the final four zodiac completed that were never done.

Thank you for being you. We love you, love each other.

Divination tarot

How divine of us

Tarot is seeing a renaissance of sorts. While it is is being embraced by legions of new adherents at the same time many the same people are dismissing the origins of Tarot as religious nonsense. Tarot cards were created in a different time and the times have surely changed. One thing that has not changed is the act of divination with Tarot cards.

The definition of divination is metamorphosing with the times. Thousands of years ago divination was an act of discovering the will of the Gods or God through various methods. Arts such as Geomancy and Fung-shei became common, reading the nature of the world around to solicit unknown information. Astrology may be the single most wide spread and well documented of all of these such arts.

Regardless of what method used the hope was always to learn something unknown by studying something that would seem to have absolutely no connection. The I-Ching or the book of changes is likely the oldest type of divinatory tool that is still widely referred to, having seen it’s first iterations compiled some 4000 years ago. By drawing sticks the diviner would be directed to study a certain hexagram for advice on how to handle a certain situation or to understand the various options that were available for a successful completion of their task.

The churches of the west made divination illegal long ago, and to this day in many places it still is. At the same time the church and courts of various kings allowed for their official astrologers to carry on the work on their behalf. So while it was definitely frowned on by the powers that be of the time, they surely believed it was of some profit for themselves.

It is not cool anymore to take out your deck of Tarot cards and foretell the future. That would be woo-woo. At the same time it is, “ok” to shuffle up that deck of cards and try to ascertain why or how to alleviate whatever issue we may be going through internally. This separation of these two acts is a modern notion, that there is some differentiation between divination according to what you are trying to learn.

In divination there is really no difference between asking yourself, “what is going to happen tomorrow?” and asking “Why am I crying about this person all the time?” A question is formed, the cards are shuffled, the cards are spread out and read. If we remove God from this equation, who is it that we are asking? The question is formed internally in the mind, the body shuffles the cards, and the cards are read using experience and understanding of the cards. Shuffling the cards of a tarot deck and spreading them out is absolutely no different than drawing sticks for the I-ching, reading tea leaves or wax or clouds. It is an act nearly as old as man himself, trying to ascertain the current state of our internal functioning is a form of divination just as much as trying to find out if it is going to rain tomorrow.

Shaman live a life of divination. This life of divination is more along the lines of self help than prediction. Just like a Shaman reading bones or the hot coals of a fire we are asking questions of our subconscious or inner self as well. Instead of looking for symbols and structure in the coals of a fire or the structure of the bones that were thrown, the cards of the Tarot possess the symbols that correspond to meanings that answers can be inferred from. In shuffling the cards part of us takes over and manipulates the order of the cards. If that process goes smoothly the top cards will help us understand or resolve that question that was held in the mind during the shuffle.

We are all divine. It seems so New Age to say. Long ago the divination we are all doing with Tarot now were the sole realm of shaman, oracles, and seers. They spoke to the gods on behalf of their people, and the answers from the Gods were given in return. Back then these were the companions and counsel to the leaders of all. Millennia later the same people would be branded witches and persecuted, while the persecutors maintained their personal astrologers and alchemists in hypocrisy.

There is some sort of strength and power we take on when we can divine with ourselves. We see ourselves in ways we can not without these tools and symbols of divination. I think we see ourselves through the eyes of society and how we believe we should be seen so strongly we can not observe the obvious. This divination is a way to accesses ourselves while circumventing who we think we are or think we want to be, and it allows us to talk to our real self. Or at the very least hear what our real self wants to tell us.