The Philosophers Stone and Enneagram

The occult is repleat with symbols. There's some amazing, some bizarre, some thought provoking, some fantastical. Eliphas Levi's iconic work The Ritual of Transcendental Magic alone is stuffed full of symbols. If we ignore the large images that would become certain tarot cards we are still left with sigils, seals, and signs that represent the … Continue reading The Philosophers Stone and Enneagram

0 – The Enneagram

Everything about these cards attempts to depict a living symbol. The faces of the cards are an animation that progresses through the zodiacs, describing the functioning of an enneagram. The back of the cards fan into a ring giving a moving look when doing card flourishes. The art of the Trine deck is a meditation … Continue reading 0 – The Enneagram

3-de-Constructing the Enneagram

The enneagram is an intriguing symbol. It was introduced to the world by George Gurdjieff in the 1920's. Since then, it has rippled throughout the world in various ways. Gurdjieff himself described it quite a bit in his writings in a veiled method. His followers had far more to say, and there are many books … Continue reading 3-de-Constructing the Enneagram