Ten of Diamonds – Air

Ten of Diamonds - Air Tens are of a dualistic nature that stand outside of the 1-9 cycle. The tens represent the thoughts and thought structures that will be present at the initiation or conclusion of a cycle. These thoughts correspond with the four elements. The Ten of Diamonds represents at all times thoughts of … Continue reading Ten of Diamonds – Air

6 of diamonds – Cetus

6 of diamonds – Cetus From February 10th to February 20th the sun is trapped in the belly of the whale, Cetus. Cetus is by far and away the single largest constellation in sky. And while it's fame is forever now entwined with the fates of Andromeda and Perseus, the constellation was traced long before … Continue reading 6 of diamonds – Cetus

5 of diamonds – Pegasus

5 of diamonds – Pegasus From January 30th to February 10th the sun has Pegasus as his companion. Born in the depths of mythos Pegasus was born of the blood of Medusa when she was slain and her blood dripped into the ocean. It is fitting then that the name Pegasus in greek comes from … Continue reading 5 of diamonds – Pegasus

4 of diamonds – Equuleus

4 of diamonds – Equuleus The sun leaves the sea of the night from January 20th to January 30th finding itself back over land and the world of men in the first face of Aquarius in the constellation of Equuleus, the “little horse.” Such a faint constellation, whose brightest star is fourth magnitude, was also … Continue reading 4 of diamonds – Equuleus

Jack of Diamonds – Aquarius

Jack of Diamonds – Aquarius The days are getting longer as the sun continues it’s ascent in Aquarius from January 20th to February 20th. Aquarius’ chief characteristic is, “I reason,” while it’s best quality is altruism and it’s worst quality is being argumentative. The water bearer of Aquarius has the honor of being one of … Continue reading Jack of Diamonds – Aquarius

3 of Diamonds – Lupus

3 of Diamonds – Lupus The sun ends it time in Libra in the constellation of Lupus from October 13th to October 23rd. Lupus acquired it’s reference as a wolf from the translation of Ptolemy’s work when it was translated from Latin. It was considered “the animal,” by the Greeks. A dead animal that was … Continue reading 3 of Diamonds – Lupus

2 of Diamonds – Draco

2 of Diamonds – Draco The sun spirals through autumn as it enters Draco from October 3rd through October 13th. At one time Draco the serpent was a vast constellation that incorporated all of the northern stars around the pole star. At that time it would have been the pole star constellation, never setting, an … Continue reading 2 of Diamonds – Draco

Queen of Diamonds – Libra

Queen of Diamonds – Libra The sun begins it’s decent towards the darkness of winter in the constellation of Libra from September 23rd through to October 23rd. Libra’s chief characteristic is,” I balance,” while it’s best quality is being agreeable and it’s worst quality is pride or vanity. The scales which make up Libra were … Continue reading Queen of Diamonds – Libra