Trine Gallery

These are the snaps I have taken of each piece off the desk in the they are what they are. The Backs Spades The earth cards are a lot of fun. The greens were a joy to work with. Clubs The Fire cards have been a test from the very beginning. So many reds … Continue reading Trine Gallery

The Philosophers Stone and Enneagram

The occult is repleat with symbols. There's some amazing, some bizarre, some thought provoking, some fantastical. Eliphas Levi's iconic work The Ritual of Transcendental Magic alone is stuffed full of symbols. If we ignore the large images that would become certain tarot cards we are still left with sigils, seals, and signs that represent the … Continue reading The Philosophers Stone and Enneagram


Trine Blog What started as a simple experiment to learn the minor arcana of the tarot, turned into a really awesome deck of cards The Faces Each card has an astrological signature marked in the upper right corner. The Little Book of Faces is a short summary of the card meanings, from a Greek myth/psychological … Continue reading Home