By and large Channeling is just one of many forms of Mediumship, each is the other. Mediumship is easily the oldest professions on Earth….. Okay maybe the second oldest. Over the ages quite a few mediums managed to attain a good deal of fame and or notoriety, depending upon the social customs of the times and location of the medium. Some of the earliest mediums we know of can be found in the old testament. Just about every prophet was mediumistic in some way. About 1,500 years later Pythia of Delphi was consulted regularly and Rome is almost overrun with temples that offer oracles and mediums…. And other stuff of course.

Good old-fashioned witch burning

The middle ages, if we look to religious figures, offers oodles of writing that fit the bill. There was a lot taking place in the world of mediums at the time that wasn’t recorded, of that which was recorded, it was mostly church sanctioned. The imposing and incredible architecture of the churches and the complicated rituals were all a part of creating the proper mental states. The proper resonance between the people of the congregation.

Emanuel Svedenborg – stuffy old guy and author of Heaven and Hell

Up to the time of the French Renaissance and Emanuel Svedenborg none in their right mind was admitting to witchcraft and colluding with un-dead spirits. Emanuel Svedenborg may in some way be responsible for starting the soon to be flood of interest in mediumship. Svedenborg’s fame passed on into the occult circles by Eliphas Levi and by the close of the nineteenth century Madame Blavatsky was the name on everyone’s lips.

Aleister Crowley

On her heels would come a new generation with Aleister Crowley leading a whole new wave of occult study in both fame and notoriety. By the close of the 20th century the seeds planted a hundred years before had grown to some very complex well-thought-out and recorded channeling sessions. The two most compelling, by far, of these being the Seth material and the Law of One the Ra material.

The ancient channels and mediums have left this or that prophecy fulfilled, and a mention or two from the great historians. From modern channels we have endless communications recorded verbatim. In the past even when there was a prolific writer such as Swedenborg, it is often just a single person writing about that which they saw or experience in a mediumistic state, after the fact. Modern channels tend to have two or more people involved, a channel and a scribe, and it requires the harmonious interaction of all of them to make contact with the being they are communicating with.

So what is it these people are doing? How are they doing it? Is it something that we should be doing?

The theory behind channeling

To grasp the theory behind channeling first we need a little background in cosmology. The structure of all that is can be described quite simply through the Ray of Creation. At the top of the ray we find the Absolute, the highest state of evolution the godhead of all that exists. At the bottom of the ray we find the most simple and basic parts of existence. Along this line from top to bottom, at any point you stop at, there is intelligent life taking place. Anything increasing their vibratory rate is in a state of evolution, anything lowering their vibratory rate is in a state of involusion. It requires a good deal of intelligent energy to remain at a level that one is not in harmony with.

Just about everything that actually exists is NOT physical. Just a small band about two-thirds of the way down would represent Life as we know it in the physical world. That little slice in that long ray contains all of the physical universe that we see. All the planets, suns, solar systems, galaxies, Galaxy clusters, all of it is in that one little sliver shared with us.

Moving between the different parts of the Ray of Creation is not about moving in space. It is about resonance and harmony and vibrational frequency. When something resonates with something else or harmonizes with it they become closer together. Two beings that harmonized perfectly with one another would have to change their thoughts structure purposely to move away from one another if they are not in the physical plane.

How to get started channeling – 3 ways

It takes a great deal of energy to change one’s vibrational rate in such a way. It takes even more concentration, balance, and a single-minded determination to do this on one’s own… But it seems like some people do it so easily. Let’s get to the bottom of that as well.


First type of channeling is what we would just typically refer to as receptive mediumship. In this type of channeling one just empties themself out. They enter a state of calm and quiet, at which point an inner plane entity of a resonating vibration can enter the medium and speak through them. There are a number of great dangers involved with this technique that cannot be avoided and are always present. Regardless of what one believes of themself or the entity they are talking to, the dangers are still present.

Emotional ESP

The second two forms of channeling actually fall under the category of what is classified these days as ESP. This is ESP is because the channeler is purposely adjusting their own vibratory rate and resonance in order to contact the being they are going to channel.

When the channel needs to attain a certain state of heightened emotional awareness in order to make contact they are performing emotional ESP. In a heightened emotional state a persons vibration rate and resonance is changed a bit. At this different level a person is able to make contact with entities that resonate and harmonize with their current rate.

Intellectual ESP

Intellectual ESP unlike emotional ESP is done through practice. Through meditation and concentration one is able to manipulate their emotional and mental processes to adjust their overall vibration rate to the specific level desired. At which point they are capable of exploring and interacting with the beings adn environments of whatever level of creation they have harmonized with.

Should you be doing this?

Channeling as a receptive probably not

When an inner plane being takes control over an outer plane body that being is actually raising or lowering it’s vibration frequency to match that of the medium. Regardless of how efficient that being may be there is some interference from being out of phase with one another taking place while that entity possess the medium to speak. This interference caused by being out of phase with the medium destroys the body and mind. A very advanced entity can mitigate this damage quite a bit but it will still be taking place.

Even if you are fine with taking that risk, you can then only hope that the being that comes along and chooses to use you as medium is one you would want to meet. As a medium that is acting as a channel you could come into contact with a scoundrel. There are good guys and bad guys on the inner planes, it is just like earth in that respect. If you WOULD lock your doors and if you would NOT put your phone number on the bathroom wall of the train station,..then you should probably NOT mess around with just being a receptive medium for channeling.

Channeling using Emotional ESP.. maybe if you are prepared.

People that channel using emotional ESP have as little control over who they are tuning into than a medium that just makes themself receptive. Most people just have one emotional state that they can channel through, maybe two. Would you like having a radio that only turns into one radio station and you are forced to take what comes through it good or bad?

Good old fashioned Seance.

Any sort of mental instability can leave the channel open to psychic attacks. If the channel were to become emotional for some reason when they do not want to channel, they may find they are still being contacted because they are resonating in the proper way. Imagine that radio with only one station for you to listen to is one that you can not turn off.

The process of emotional channeling can be made safer by doing the work with others that are of single mind. There is always the danger though that the basest thoughts of the group will be the highest level contacted. A person welcomed to a seance or channeling session could lower the group rate so much that the the group could and often does find them selves contacted by a different being than the group normally interacts with.

The danger always persists that the connection made is driven by emotion. And depending on the situation that connection could be kept open continually. The channel may not even know the connection is kept open. There are many dangers involved that this method should be reserved for only the most die hard and those committed for life.

Intellectual ESP

Intellectual ESP is the process of learning to adjust your vibration rate at will. Meditation, breath control, thought control in general, self observation, using astrology to pick and choose auspicious times and environments for practice, alchemy, and Kabbalah are a few of the tools that can be used to one’s advantage to attain and control Intellectual ESP.

Intellectual ESP will rarely involve spoken a spoken channel. It will happen more like as an out of body experience would. Except there is no relinquishment of control of self or disorientation as to where one is. If at any time one doubts their safety their mental state will return to normal conditions and they will find themselves safely on Earth in their own skin. With a clear recollection where they went and their interactions there.

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