Choosing the right crystal for you.

Choosing a birth stone is serious business. Everyone wants to know what their birth stone is. The usual is a list of the zodiac with the stone associated with it or some form of theosophical addition and reduction that resolves to a number of 22 or less and then that number is equated to a tarot card that correspond to a specific stone.

These are both obviously rather haphazard ways. This is a lot like playing the lottery, you may just get the right numbers and have the right stone. The stone you have chosen will be ruled by one of ten planets, you have a one in ten chance your birth day will add up to and reduce to the stone you should refer to as your birth stone.

The basic theory behind a birth stone is that the stone vibrates in harmony with who you were at birth. While the concept is rather straight forward there is a lot of astrology involved. The hope most people have is that the stone selected increases the power and harmony of their ruling sign. It is important to remember the sign rules nothing other than the cusp of house it is on, it is the home of those things of the planet that does the ruling or governing.

Using astrodynes we will look at a birth chart to find the best solution to the birth stone question. Astrodynes are a unit of measurement for gauging the power of an astrological chart. Astrodynes are used to measure the over all energy or power and the harmony or discord of a planet, zodiac, house, and aspect.

The Birth Chart

Let’s look at a Virgo birth chart where it is the WORST idea ever to follow the typical online rules and get a piece of emerald or sapphire.

In the chart above everything highlighted in pink is in a relationship with the sun. The chart on the left shows us the astrodynes of the planets and zodiac in order of harmony. Astrodynes are a measurement of the power, harmony, or discord of a planet, house, or zodiac. The chart in the middle is of course a birth chart. The chart on the right displays all of the aspects of the chart.

The astrodyne chart

astrodyne report

The Sun in this chart has five negative relationships and five positive ones as can be seen in the aspect chart in the image above and to the right. As far as dis-harmonious aspects go the Sun is; semi-square with Venus, in conjunction with Mars, Square with Jupiter, and squared with Saturn, also take note of the Sun/mercury conjunction this is a critical aspect. This leaves the Sun with -12.86 discordynes as can be seen on the chart for astrodynes. This makes it fairly evident that if we just empower the sun without neutralizing the negative aspects to it, we are just inviting trouble into the eleventh house inducing a state that makes creating and keeping friendly relationships difficult.

The trap here is that Mercury is in conjunction with the sun as well. Any stone we choose for the zodiac of Virgo, the sun sign for this chart, is going to resonate with mercury. Choosing a “Virgo” stone is choosing a stone ruled by Mercury. Choosing a stone ruled by Mercury, will allow for Mercury to be activated more and give the the Sun/Mars conjunction a better conduit to express their disharmonious state.

So in this case, and this case is not so rare, the birth stone for this person would aggravate this person’s biggest problems. So what can this poor soul do? We will take a look at some of their options.

Choosing the right stone, some dynamics pt. 2

In a simplified way this is what will happen to the Sun and it’s sign Virgo as is relative to the Eleventh house in the chart above;

By carrying a stone that harmonizes with Mercury the aggressive nature of Mars that is being vitalized and amplified by the Sun is given improved conduit through Mercury. All three of these planets are in conjunction with one another. The mouth and pen can become unhinged and words are like knives and one will find that the most mundane analysis is a crushing criticism or attack. For this person their relationship with Mercury is all that is probably keeping them out of trouble, we don’t want to tweak that unwittingly.

Aspect chart with astrodynes

There is too much going on in this chart with the Sun to approach the birth stone with a typical “sun stone” description. All together the sun has ten powerful aspects taking place! The stone needed here is going to have to be discovered with some detective work. In the aspect chart on the right we can see that the Sun/Saturn aspect is the most deleterious aspect with a discordyne level of -14.47. By selecting a stone of onyx, black agate, obsidian, or some other Saturnian element the effect could be equal to lowering that number by half. By harmonizing with Saturn the individual turns the negativity of Saturn into caution and awareness of the outcome of actions.

In this case I would say the persons birth stone is onyx. It is easy to obtain in fine jewelry with great specimens. Doesn’t cost a fortune and it will have beneficial effects on the persons ability to create and maintain relationships in their life.

If we just follow this line of thought we would jump to the next worst aspects, the ones with Mars and Venus looking for a way to balance this out more. But there is another connection that weighs heavily that can be addressed. Mercury has a strong aspect to the Moon as well, while the moon itself is afflicted with a semi-square to Jupiter. This dis-harmonious aspect of the Moon and Jupiter will make one easily paranoid and mistrusting, which though being distantly connected in the chart they closely relate in Eleventh house activities, where trust and understanding are necessary traits for getting along with acquaintances..

The best choice for this person would then be some sort of jewelry that has onyx or black agate in a setting of silver. Silver will help balance the moon’s aspect with Mercury. Perhaps giving more stable and thoughtful communication. After a few years of wearing it they would swear to you it was a magic ring.

Choosing the right stone, but wait there’s more?

So we have found out how to pick a birth stone, or at least, “come up with a good all around stone from a birth chart.” But that is just the birth stone, it will only address a persons chief features that are characterized in the house their Sun is in. Let’s take a peek at the client’s chart again and see what I am talking about

In the chart above everything highlighted in pink is in a relationship with the sun. The chart on the left shows us the astrodynes of the planets and zodiac in order of harmony. Astrodynes are a measurement of the power, harmony, or discord of a planet, house, or zodiac. The chart in the middle is of course a birth chart. The chart on the right displays all of the aspects of the chart.

The sun is in the eleventh house in this chart. Having selected stones to improve the harmony of the Sun and Saturn we are going to see more harmonious Eleventh house activities, relationships between acquaintances and being more hopeful in general. But what if you want to find balance or healing in some other area? We can’t just look up our birth date on the internet and find the stone that makes us get along with our father better, or feel more confident in our home.

Let us take a peak and see how we can help client his father and feeling more at home when he is at home. The cusp of the fourth house has Capricorn upon it. Capricorn being ruled by Saturn, of course, we will just buy a bigger piece of onyx…or not. It is the purity of the specimen not the quantity. What we need for this application is something different.

There is world full of things that harmonize with Saturn that we can surround ourselves with that have slightly different ways of expressing. Incense and food ruled by Saturn for instance can have immediate and profound effects that are so apparent it can seem miraculous…but Saturn herbs usually stink pretty bad and the food tends to bitter. It would be far more pleasant to offset Saturn by energizing a nice planet like, Venus.††††

Oatmeal cookies are ruled by Venus…but dad may wonder after a while why our client above is always eating oatmeal cookies when he comes over. So a suggestion to buy his dad a small copper or brass statue or perhaps a sweet smelling plant plant to keep in his living room or the room the client interacts in the most. The home is also ruled by this house, and that it may be a great idea to select a couple plants that are ruled by Venus for more ease when at home as well.

Choosing the right stone, to sum it up. pt. 4


There can be a great reward in wearing even the smallest sliver of the proper jewelry. But the reward may be greater in seeing dangers. Depending upon the chart a person may find that living in certain areas are safer or more dangerous. For instance one person’s chart may find balance by living upon the sea shore the next person may be better off to live in a canyon by an old copper or silver mine to find the same balance. If these two were to switch their locations they could very well afflict their charts. The person transplanted to the valley could very well plummet to his death if his ability to concentrate suffers for his Moon will be left without the great support of the sea.

If you have had it happen to yourself or know anyone that had a bad reaction to wearing a certain crystal, stone, or metal, you understand how fragile we can really be in the big scheme of things. Using incense, food, music, etc, can be a lot safer and often over more varied options


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