7 of Clubs – Lyra

Lyra sings to the sun as it traverses the first Decanate of Sagittarius from 11/22-12/2.
as the nights grow longer and longer Lyra the lyre gives us solace with a music so beautiful it is said to have seduced Hades the king of hell himself, to rescue Eurydice. Perhaps Lyra was placed as it was in the sky, close to Hercules, so as give him some relief from his toils. Lyra offers up only beautiful mysteries. For various peoples these stars may have been a turtle, birds, a lyre, the manger of Christ, and yet all the while the name of this group of stars has remained Lyra.

If you find this card in your spread devotion will be a force in the inner sense. In action one may find success in teaching and or publishing.

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