Jack of Spades – Capricorn

In the depths of winter the sun finds itself in Capricorn from 12/22-1/20. Capricorn’s chief characteristic is, “I use,” while it’s best quality is diplomacy and it’s worst quality is deceitfulness.

            Those born under Capricorn’s influence are deep thinkers and insatiable in their desire for knowledge, assiduous students, quick to seize and take advantage of any opportunity for self-improvement or advancement, indefatigable workers, and capable of planning out several schemes and thoughts at the same time.

In human anatomy it rules the knees.

Part of country; a cold climate with considerable snowfall, well up in the rugged mountains where there are rocks and brush, but few large trees. Land suitable for mining, where the soil is poor and weeds and thorns in abundance.

Part of the city: the city hall, chamber of commerce and the business district in general.

Part of the home; the office, the attic, the cellar and all dark places.

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