Tarot and Intuition

The Major Arcana and The Law of One

        Tarot decks in their uncut state, as a single deck of cards could be observed metaphorically as “One.” The tarot depicts polarity and the act of The Ones’ attempting to experience itself by being split into two main divisions, the Major and the Minor arcana. The Major arcana represents the microcosm, the inner universe. While the Minor arcana refers to the macrocosm, the outer universe.

        In tarot the Minor arcana is typically constructed with various techniques including but not limited to astrology, kabbalah, alchemy, numerology, and religion. Lets approach the Major arcana one more time, even though it is a subject plied by many, from a myriad of different perspectives. This time from the perspective of the Law of One.

         As one compares the various tarot decks they will find the major arcana has managed to retain its card for card meanings regardless of the system. Some decks may switch cards, change the names, change the images, assign different correspondences, etc. and yet the Major arcana of each deck share the same values. This tells us there is another more fundamental underlying structure to the meaning of these cards. If it is the images upon the cards that forges the meaning of the card then one would expect to find discrepancies between tarot decks due to the massive variations of tarot cards that exists. But instead we find that the cards for the most part reflect identical meanings. The Major Arcana in particular.

The Law of One through the eyes of the tarot

        The method that follows is derived from The Law Of One: Book IV The RA Material By Ra, An Humble Messenger Of The Law Of One. It is straightforward accurate and importantly it does not have the historical, religious, or pagan meanings the classical titles the cards have possess. It does lean a bit toward psychology and the Jungian concepts of archetypes, yet of an evolved fashion.       

        The Law of One approaches the tarot as a study in the structure of who we are. It corresponds the tarot’s Major arcana as a map of “us,” the human experience. This map is so complete with a little change here or there it is a perfect description of anything else that lives.

The spread of One

This is a Brotherhood of Light tarot deck that I added the ruling zodiac, planet, element, alchemical, and Law of One titles.
Using the Spread of One as a tool to overview the Major arcana, we will see a blueprint of a perfectly balanced person. Each card in its proper place doing its proper function with the proper energy.

         Separate the major arcana from the deck. Lay them out in numerical order in three rows of seven. When you’re done you should have a row that refers to the Mind another row should refer to the Body and the last row should refer to the Soul and the Choice card will still be in your hand just set that one to the side.

Archetypes and the tarot

        The titles used above, such as, “Matrix of the Mind,” are taken from The Law Of One: Book IV The RA Material By Ra, An Humble Messenger Of The Law Of One. The titles added to the cards refer to the exact functions of each card as a complex of thoughts. Taken from this point of view each of the Major arcana cards represents a different thought complex (a group of thoughts that perform specific functions together) or archetype. Archetypes will refer to thought complexes that are common themes of thoughts that ALL living things share. The Major arcana has a card that is indicative of each archetype that man displays. With that understanding in mind what we see before us now is literally a map to how we think and feel in reaction to the outer world (the outer world represented by the minor arcana) and our own thoughts (represented by the four element cards and the Choice).

        Each card represents a group of thoughts that function under certain conditions, in certain ways. Like an organ is itself composed of numerous cells that are close enough aligned to become one and form tissues that become organs. Only these are “thought cells,” and these thought cells bind together into thought compounds that work together in their like manner and become complexes of thought. Since it appears that all of man has these same things in common, these thought complexes have been dubbed,” archetypes.”

Mind, Body, and Spirit

        The thought complexes of the first row are the mental functions that we would consider thinking. Things that take place in this row are of the Mind. Any time you are wondering what to do next, what may happen, or recalling what happened already this is the first row of the Mind functioning.


        The thought complexes in the second row are instinctual, automatic, thoughts that come to mind, or are habitual in nature. Thoughts of this row are of the Body and tend to appear as urges when they are noticeable. Hunger, tiredness, habits such as smoking and drinking, awaking early, even our senses and memories used by the first row for decision making reside here in the second row.


        The thought complexes of the third row are spiritual in nature. Thought complexes that are composed of emotions such as love, hate, and empathy reside in this portion of our being. Thoughts emanating from this row are of the spiritual type and are usually observed as being of an emotional nature. These second two lines are the sum of what we consider the unconscious mind.


Distortions of the One

The reality is that there is no perfectly balanced anyone or anything. Looking at this whole blue print one must understand that it is the distortions between these cards that individuates us. Everyone has all of these cards active in some manner, but in different amounts with different polarities.

These thought complexes communicate. Energy is always being transferred amongst them, some are in harmony with one another, others are disharmonious. The dance between these cards, these thought complexes, are not only in a continuous and unending rhythm, like the beat of a heart, it is that very uniqueness that is the core of the differences between us. We are the sum of our distortions, so to speak.

Each of the Major arcana cards represents a complex of mental functions that has a specific function it does best. When one card is doing the work of another card that is not a harmonic of it, it is a state of wrong functioning and can lead to the thoughts being further processed in the wrong way, since the initial work was handled in the wrong. Conditioning from life, habits good and bad, and environmental factors can add to and exacerbate the wrong functioning of these thought complexes also.

Any time an impulsive decision is made, is a clue of a case of wrong functioning. Impulsive decisions are usually the mind or body dealing with things from the spiritual and not being able to handle the excess energy. Things originating in the spiritual row have immense amounts of energy, and it requires a certain level of adeptness to maintain their use in the mental and body levels.

Harmonies, dis-harmonies, and over tones

Each Major card is a direct octave harmonic of the card above or below it. The cards in this view are harmonious with one another and work with and for one another. For instance, any time the 1 card is active the 8 and 15 cards are also in a state sympathetic excitement. At the discretion of an adept the energy from any of the three is available for use. Harmonious thoughts functioning like this bring about a balanced thought process.

The divination titles on the Major arcana cards reflects the harmonies of the thought complexes. As one looks down the columns of Spread of One, they will find that the Matrix, Potentiator, Catalyst, etc. cards are all aligned and in harmony with one another. In this arrangement each card can do the functioning of the other quite well, and they often do, depending on the energies involved in the thought’s construction.

For example, if the Matrix of the Spirit is operating as a mental mind complex this leaves a feeling of understanding and a sense of the oneness of all. While the Matrix of the Mind operating in spiritual ways manufactures thoughts of mystery and wonder.

Usually these processes take place unconsciously and there is no “adept,” getting involved steering the process for us. Things are less than harmonious and for most people, as we all know life can get rather disharmonious.

A feeling of loss about a death in the family originating in the third-row crosses to the second row in just the right was as a habitual drunkenness and then the mind grabs this and uses reason to say let’s drink for this loss. There are many things taking place in the above example not observed initially of how a card represents feelings of shame at drunkenness, another card fear of discovery leading to denial of drunkenness, etc.

It is these dis-harmonies or distortions that we are all experiencing as we interact with one another and ourselves that are the underlying currents of life. All these very separate parts of our selves can very much sound like voices to some people. Arguing and bickering or getting along and laughing, for our thoughts and the complexes of thoughts in groups are in and of themselves quite a bit intelligent.

Is less distortion better?

Upon careful observation one will discover that the lower the row the more primal the source, so to speak. Plants and animals will display most if not all of the body and some sort of spirit, while only a few animals display a card or two of the first row. If we go smaller in size of animal kingdom to the smallest animal life, we find that simple organisms and cellular life will display the yearning for light and life that is primarily of just the first two spiritual thought compounds in the third row.

As evolution takes place and the cycle goes on the spiritual is coated in the physical each time a little more complex than the last. There are specific points where a new thought complex forms, where that being is assigned a new card. That new card is given as a promissory during the existence prior to the formation of the archetype. For man this new thought complex is the Choice card. This card is not continuously activated like a true archetype. This thought complex only functions when it is constructed and kept intact with effort.

Once man has evolved to the point the Choice card is fully activated, the Choice will have become an archetype as well. Man will have a choice in ever matter of his existence and co-creation of existence with others. By the very definition of what an archetype is that means that ALL of man must take this step before any of man can take this step. We must take it together.

Less distortions will reflect less thought complexes. Less distortions will only be found in less evolved creatures. The most evolutionarily advanced animals all display certain thought complexes of the first row but are noticeably missing certain ones. The simple mammals may have just the most rudimentary first row attributes like curiosity (the first card) or basic problem solving from past experience (second card), think mouse in a maze.

Plants are of the second and third row. Plants are perfectly balanced creatures most activating all of the second and third rows. One can see well from this point of view how the mental process are new thought complexes that the animal kingdom is just learning to wrestle with.

By the very nature of how these archetypes are operating together the more the complexity the more distortion one will incur, until a state of balance is attained that resolves the distortions. To knowingly reduce the distortions through finding balance is the task of the adept, and this is attained by the balanced activation of the Choice complex of thoughts.

Archetypes and intuition

The highest forms of Intuition that are taking place are thoughts that are so powerful they are skipping between the rows of the spirit and mental without moving through the second row at all. When some knowledge processed by our spiritual or astral selves has enough energy to plow through the signals of the body and our regular thoughts and come to the attention of the first, fourth, or seventh card we have experienced almost angelic intuition. When these thoughts get through it would have to be compared to a religious experience. The thoughts are coming from the infinite perception of the higher bodies.

        The more mundane Intuitional knowledge will assemble itself in the thought centers of the second row. There is such a vast amount of information available for your unconscious to draw from, most of the more useful intuitional information originates from your senses, memories, awareness of your current physical state, additional senses such as duplicates of our physical senses by our higher and lower bodies, and other yet un discovered scientifically senses we possess. Intuition is making that smaller jump from the second row to the first row, for these messages, being in the adjacent row this transfer of information requires a less energetic state.

        When the archetypes contact the first, fourth or seventh cards for the first row we call that intuition. It is obvious at these points in time since the unconscious thought is coming before our awareness and we notice. In all truth though it is the same process taking place between all of the thought complexes. Intuition literally is the flow of thoughts between thought complexes when viewed in this way.

        In this way the Major arcana are a visual representation of the paths our intuition must take to inform us. They are a too of inestimable worth on our path to adeptness.

The Choice

The Choice

        The Choice card is rather special. This card represent thoughts that lead to actions. This card represents mental activities, the thoughts, that become real physical events. The choice card represents a very rare type of thought, a conscious thought. It is an unconscious thought to worry of sickness when one has forgotten their coat, the image of getting sick again seems thrust into one’s mind without even being requested, an automatic thought. While the decision to turn around and retrieve the coat is a more conscious decision that involves a conscious Choice. While the image of catching a cold bursts into the mind’s eye without effort the thought of returning to get it requires reflection upon past experiences and a comparison with future outcomes to make a choice (this is the Choice card in action).


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