And welcome to theEther

Having become tired of hiding in books and being a complete hermit, I have chosen to begin a blog and share a little something back with the world that has heaped so much upon me.

I have been studying the Arts for as long as I can remember. For the last ten years or so I have been steeping in Astrology and Tarot. I have created piles of art on the way as study tools. The latest perfectTrine being a poker deck to help learn to read tarot with poker cards.

why theEther?

There was a time when the concept of the ether was a cornerstone of science. It was given many attributes, usually attributes to help prove or disprove this theory or that. Which of course led to varied descriptions of what it was. the ether was a mess so to speak, and a couple young scientists killed the ether over a hundred years ago.

Over one hundred years later we are still faced with the ether though. Science is still grappling with it and what it is, all the while being very very careful to not say, “ether.” At it’s most basic level the ether is the space within which everything exists…one could also argue that a hole does not exist only the things making up the edge of the hole can exist, while the hole itself is nothingness.

The debate over the ether was a heated debate that changed all of science and civilization by the time the dust settled. In the end quantum mechanics would be ushered in and the next technological revolution. In the battle of theories for eminence the Ether was sacrificed. It was an easy sacrifice technology itself was used to disprove it.

Astrology has taken a beating much like the theory of the ether has. It is sublime and difficult to measure. I believe once again though technology is catching up with our beliefs. Soon we will build data sets large enough to prove or disprove astrology and alchemy once and for all…but regardless of how the cards fall for Astrology in this battle, the planets will still be there. Gliding by counting off the years and millennia, still exerting their subtle pull upon all that surrounds them.

Thank you for joining me in theEther.

So lets have fun learning and teaching from each other!