Queen of Diamonds – Libra

The sun begins it’s decent towards the darkness of winter in the Constellation of Libra from 9/23-10/23. Libra’s chief characteristic is,” I balance,” while it’s best quality is being agreeable and it’s worst quality is pride or vanity. The scales which make up Libra were once a part of the Virgo constellation which itself was a smaller. As the procession of the earth shifted the zodiac, the Lion lost some of it’s stars to Virgo and the scales become it’s own major constellation.

            Those born under the influence of Libra are remarkable for their powers of comparison, being able to mentally weigh and balance all things in a way that none of the other types seem capable of doing. They are impartial and painstaking, but, although they can and do labor strenuously for others, they rarely distinguish themselves when their efforts are merely on their own behalf or to their own personal advantage; and there is an inclination to accept fate as it comes.

In anatomy Libra rules the kidneys lumbar region and the internal reproductive organs

Part of country; a temperate climate, high and dry. Land rather thickly settled and divided into numerous plots, or where there are towns and villages.

Part of city; stores where wearing apparel, jewelry and finery are sold, show windows, and all places where nice things are on display.

Part of home; wardrooms, bedrooms, balconies, porches, chinaware and silverware.

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