2 of Diamonds – Draco

The sun spirals through autumn as it enters Draco from 10/2-10/13. At one time Draco the serpent was a vast constellation that incorporated allof the northern stars around the pole star. At that time it would have been the pole star constellation, never setting always present watchman of all the stars of the night. The many tales of a dragon being brought down to earth are most likely elucidating to the event of the shifting of this constellation and  the necessity of braking it up maintain the narrative of the stars. “His tail drew a third part of the stars, and did cast them to the earth” Revelation 12:4 is surely a reference to this beast and the coming to the end of an age.

If this card is in your spread expect to make money through hard labor, which isn’t so bad, for you should be left with a feeling of independence.

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