The Faces of the Zodiac

Faces is the archaic word for decan. I actually think faces has a better ring. “The faces of the zodiac,” just rolls off the tongue better than “the decan of the Zodiac.”

This section is a study and primer for learning how to read poker cards as if they were tarot cards. The entire process will use astrology, corresponding each card with a constellation to recall the meaning. Anyone that knows their zodiac and planets should get the hang of this without too much trouble. And when you are done it is likely you will have learned about a few constellations you never heard of.

The order of the deck follows the faces/decan and zodiac Starting with Aries in the spring. You will find that the;

  • Clubs are Fire
  • Spades are Earth
  • Diamonds are Air
  • Hearts are Water

Each zodiac sign is allotted 30 degrees of the sky. The major constellation in that area tells the tale of that sign. Within each zodiac are three minor constellations that are allotted 10 degrees each and each of these portions of the sky has a tale attached to it as well. It is the tales of these minor constellations that were used to recall the meanings of the decan.

  • 1-3 will always be cardinal signs
  • 4-6 will always be fixed signs
  • 7-9 will always be mutable signs
  • 10 indicate the type of thought or intention ruled by the element of the card

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