K of Clubs – Aries

Aries lasts from 3/21-4/19. Aries chief characteristic is,”I am,” while it’s best quality is leadership and it’s worst quality is officiousness.The constellation of the Ram lies in a rather inconspicuous portion of the sky. When one looks to ancient lore they will find quite the opposite is true, there is a seemingly unending string of myths and legends regarding the few strange stars in this group. Due to the lack of notable stars it is safe to say these stories are in large part based around the suns path at the opening of the new year. The stories of the minor constellations themselves describe the beginnings of things.

        Those born under the influence of Aries are leaders, the brain being the most active part of their bodies. Having unbounded confidence in their own abilities when working out their plans, difficulties are scorned, or even welcomed, for they have the true Martian spirit—the love of conquest.

        Pioneers in thought and action, ever exploring and originating, they bring unflagging energy and fearlessness in emergency to their pursuits, seemingly specially gifted by Nature to tread the thorny paths of life, making the ways smoother for their weaker brethren. Their methods must, however, be their own. If required to work on conventional lines they are never happy, and seldom successful; understanding what they require, they must be left to accomplish it according to their own ideas. Optimistic in regard to their enterprises, difficulties are underrated; but where any matter requires to be dealt with quickly and promptly, they are at their best.

        Aries people are very enthusiastic, brave, venturesome, generous, and impulsive, self-willed and opinionated, fond of change, romance, and adventure, ever ready to champion the cause of the weak and suffering, this tendency frequently leading them to acts of indiscriminate charity often wasted on undeserving subjects. They have great ideality, are highly strung, often hypersensitive, with remarkably keen perceptions in which they are rarely deceived. They are naturally ambitious, and often lacking in caution; but, as they are ruled by their reasoning powers, it is in this direction they are open to control and should find their Zodiacal and Planetary Stones of great benefit to them. In matters of business, friendship, and the affections this type will harmonize best with those between April 21st and May 21st, July 22nd and August 21st, also November 22nd and December 10th.

Rules: the head the brain

Part of country; a hot dry climate, sparsely settled, moderately high and rugged. Land where pebbles and boulders are numerous, fields that are freshly plowed.

Part of city; the manufacturing district, hardware stores, repair garages and auto service stations.

Part of home; doorways, roof, and tool room.

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