Ace of Clubs – Triangulum

The first decan of Aries is ruled by Mars and is represented by the constellation Triangulum, the sun is in this decan from 3/21-3/31. Situated between Andromeda and Aries this star cluster is easy to miss at first. For the ancients this was not the case, the triangle being a symbol of the trinity, connection with god, a doorway metaphor (this constellation falls between the first and last signs of the zodiac), the delta from which life issues forth, and the multitudinous other religious applications of the triangle in general have been assigned to this constellation.

Understanding the triangle and how it applies to you and your craft is critical to understanding Triangulum. It may be the most abstract and yet profound of all the constellations.

This card in your spread will represent activity with drive. Things will be happening for and around you, news of a business opportunity or a position of importance that that comes unsolicited. This card describes the shear power to break new trails and clear new paths, this card describes those leaders that are leading because they were always in the lead. Reversed this card will show a lack of drive, or perhaps missed communications that would have been profitable had it been received and processed properly.

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