2 of Clubs – Eradinus

From 4/1 – 4/11 the Sun will move into the second decanate of Aries home to the constellation Eradinus. It is fitting to have the river Eradinus issue forth at this point in the celestial story from the doorway represented by Triangulum one finds that the river Eradinus winds it’s way across the sky through many of the tales to come. Phaeton will crash into the river, the Argonauts would pass by it banks, Orion stands on it’s shore, as Lepus escapes into the Taurian stars, Perseus will cross Eradinus twice and finally battle Cetus upon it’s banks. Eradinus is easy to find, on a moonless night in the winter look for a distinct horseshoe of stars south and to the west of Orion for the great hunter stands upon it’s banks. eradinus is the fountain of life from which all life dips their hand to enter and exit this world, this river opens and closes the zodiac. In many ways this is the river Styx.

In this decanate the Mars nature of Aries is tempered by the sub-ruler ship of the Sun. The Sun’s generosity and power connect the heart with the brain mitigating the aggression of Mars. Those born here are the natural rulers, these are people that can sway other with their hearts and minds without threat or coercion.

This card in a spread will indicate business or work that involves scientific methods. The mind will be involved in the tasks at hand if they are to be successful. Reversed it would mean difficulty concentrating upon ones work or not knowing how to approach an task.

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