3 of Clubs – Perseus

From 4/11-4/21 the sun will pass his time under the watchful eye of the constellation Perseus. Perseus is the A-typical example of the Aries person. Quick to action after their heart is ignited and with so much energy to apply to their en devours they can overcome all. The story of Perseus confronting gods in anger and in counsel, showing the kindness and affection to be carried by Pegasus, overcoming two Titans to put an end to human sacrifice. The list goes on for Perseus who is surely pre-eminent in the heavens.

The story of Pereus is a very important one to learn for the sake of learning tarot. Perseus displays the classic Aries/Mars temperaments in all of his actions. Perseus being a son of Zues/Jupiter, the sub-ruler of this decanate, Displays that Aries temperament tempered from the inside by this subtle influence from Jupiter. The ruler-ship of this decanate by Jupiter softening Aries’ Mars temperament gives Persus the constant nudge, a desire so to speak, to accomplish lofty goals for the common good of all and to discover love only after having embraced all of mankind.

This Relationship between Zues/Jupiter and Perseus/Mars is the best example that could be found to show how the decanate system works for all of the decan. If you take the time to study the tales of Perseus and note when he is acting in an aggressive Mars influence, and then note when he makes decisions that are of the Jupiter influence one can see the blueprint for how the ruler-ship and co-ruler-ship work hand in hand for the decan.

If you find this card in your spread you may be in for good news in an evangelistic or a propaganda sort of way. There may be news of a business partnership or a position traveling and speaking. But it seem forceful or destructive, it can be easy to be hesitant when faced with news that comes through Aries.

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