K of Diamonds – Gemini

            The sun is in the Gemini, the first of the air signs, from  5/21-6/21. Gemini’s chief characteristic is, “I think,” while it’s best quality is versatility and it’s worst quality is changeableness. The twins are a notable constellation around the world. It is interesting to note that the Romans considered Gemini to be Romulus and Remus the founders of Rome. While the Peruvians of south America used a pile of bricks to depict Gemini, because twins built the first city of bricks.

            Gemini are invariably of an intellectual disposition, and when well-educated their ideals and aspirations are high, with an intense desire to do useful work. Their characteristics are often contradictory. Being peculiarly undecided in their dispositions and invariably of two minds, the constant influx of new ideas causes much innate restlessness, the realization of their plans seldom coming up to anticipations.

  • In human anatomy Gemini rules the arms, shoulders, lungs, and hands
  • Part of country; a temperate climate, thickly settled, or a city or town, moderately high, and where the wind blows. Land rather rolling and covered with grass, small trees and shrubs; or where crops have just come through the ground.
  • Part of city; railroad yards, street cars, newspaper and periodical offices, libraries, automobiles and airplanes, mail boxes, post offices, telephone and telegraph systems.
  • Part of home; the telephone, halls, windows, writing desk and places where books and papers are kept.
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