7 of Diamonds – Ursa Minor

The sun finds itself dancing with Ursa Minor from 5/21-5/31, The little bear or the little dipper constellation contains the north star, the rock of truth that is unchanging. During the crusades the north star was the rock of truth that Peter the apostle set his foot upon. The single most notable constellation in the sky. As Polaris moved in line with true north Ursa Minor gained importance and began sharing in the tales of the past northern constellations. Even though Ursa Minor is a relative late comer to the family of constellations, it is beyond renowned and the single most useful star cluster in the sky, being the home of Polaris. The Phoenicians were using Polaris as their navigation star for centuries before the Greeks and romans would adopt it, giving the Phoenicians nautical supremacy. The names and accolades for Ursa Minor is no small list, this constellation and star cluster has led man around the world and helped forge the world we live in today.

The Gemini’s decan ruled by Mercury decan is about intuition and knowing the innate truth.

If you find this card in your spread a short journey that involves making money or learning something new may be involved.

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