8 of Diamonds – Canis Major

The sun finds it’s way to Canis Major from 6/1-6/12. Here the river Eridanus and the river Styx come together for their final jaunt to the sea the encircles the world. The marriage decan of Gemini is a Canis Major the greater dog. Standing at Orion’s feet with an eye watching for Lepus to run. The Great dogs desire to sit at his masters feet and await his orders denotes the fidelity this decan represents. Within Canis Major resides Sirius the dog star a symbol to all the ancients as the harbinger of high summer. The saying “the dog days of summer,” refers to the rising of the great dog during the heat of summer when Nile river would flood.

The second decan of Gemini is ruled by Venus and describes fidelity and ability to be true to oneself and others. A true blending of two parts.

If this card is in your spread there will be a costly lawsuit or legal proceeding taking place.

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