9 of Diamonds – Ursa Major

Ursa Major – The sun is in Ursa Major from 6/12-6/21 for it’s final leg of Gemini for it’s Uranus ruled decan. The most easily recognized of all constellations, in the west known as the Big Dipper but for the ancients it was the Great Bear. The chaldeans called it the bear, while the Finnish did as well. When the first Europeans arrived in the Americas imagine their surprise to find the American Indians  pointed to the great bear in the sky. On the most remote parts of the earth, far from where atrology finds it’s roots, we find the same myths for the star groups. The Egyptians considered this star group a hipopitumus, in their defense there were not many bear indigenous to north Africa.

If you find this card in your spread you may find that you have to invest in a friend or spend money on an associate.

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