K of Hearts – Cancer


            The sun swims through Cancer from 6/22-7/23. Cancer’s main characteristic is, ”I feel,” while it’s best quality is Tenacity and it’s worst quality is touchiness.  As the sun is in the crab constellation it acts a bit like a crab itself. As the sun approaches the solstice it appears to slow down and then afterwards as the days start becoming shorter the sun starts moving backwards, back down the sky.

            Cancer people have receptive and plastic natures and it may be said they reflect the influences of their surroundings like a rippled sea. Impressionable, yet tenacious, they are well symbolized by the Crab, as their tenacity when roused is remarkable, requiring little prompting to move them to determined action. They are keen observers of Nature in all her changing moods, and in the solitude of woods, or by shady lane, stream, and hedgerow they can best recover their balance when out of conceit with a practical and unsympathetic world.

  • In human anatomy Caner rules the seat of nourishment, the breasts, bosom, lower lungs, and stomach.
  • Part of country; a wet, cool, climate, along the ocean beach, or where small, active streams flow. Land of a rich, sandy loam in creek or river bottom, or near the ocean.
  • Part of city; reservoirs, water pipes and hydrants, running water, hotels and the main residential district.
  • Part of home; bathroom, laundry, and main living room.

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