2 of Hearts

 – As the sun moves out over the oceans of the  stars it comes across Hydra, from 7/2-7/12. Hydra the serpent of life at one time crawled upon it’s belly around the horizon. To the witnesses of the sky 4500 years ago, due to the procession of the equinox, Hydra layed upon it’s belly with Ophiuchus bending over to grab it. It would have taken roughly 7 hours for hydra to cross the sky, seemingly with all the stars of the sky riding upon it’s back or following close behind. It is no wonder Hydra was often referred to as the River of Life and associated with powerful spiritual energy, sometimes even considered the progenitor of the universe.

If this card is in your spread, that which you have ahead of you is a work of love. There may even be an inner revelation upon discovering or realizing that work.

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