K of spades – Taurus

            The sun winds it’s way through the bull from 4/20-5/20. Taurus’ chief characteristic is, “I have” while it’s best quality is stability and it’s worst quality is obstinacy. The constellation of the bull is surely one of the oldest. All the ancient zodiacs that have come down to us have the bull as the first zodiac, even the civilizations of South America opened their year with the “ox.” This is the bull that carried Europa to Jupiter. The holiday of May Day we celebrate today is one of the last surviving parts of the Tauric festival practiced by the Druids when the sun was in Taurus.

            The dominating characteristic of Taurus subjects is their tenacity of purpose, which makes them staunch friends but determined enemies. They possess strong mental and physical powers, and are persistent students, their qualities of concentration making them capable of high educational attainments. They are determined, fearless, enthusiastic, and unyielding in carrying out their schemes; and, when not irritated, are generous.

            If you have found this card in your spread a person place or thing ruled by Taurus is indicated;

  • In human anatomy Taurus rules the ears, the base of the brain, the neck, and the throat.
  • Part of the country; a cold, dry climate; low, level country without brush or woods, pastures where cattle feed. Land in which seed has just been planted.
  • Part of the city; banks, safes, vaults, cash registers, and places where money and securities are kept.
  • Part of the home; storerooms, trunks, places where personal property is securely kept.
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