5 of Spades – Orion

Five of spades

As the sun’s gaze leaves Lepus in the shadows to hide, it shines a light on the great hunter Orion. Standing proud in the Mercury decanate of Taurus, Orion is surely one of the oldest constellations. In the winter sky nothing attracts ones attention quite like the radiance of Orion. For it contains two first magnitude stars and four second magnitude, other than the Big Dipper Orion’s belt is the most recognizable feature of the night sky in the northern hemisphere. The Egyptians held Orion in the highest honor for the soul of Osiris rests there, to the Babylonians he battled with Tiamat across the sky.


To the Hebrews Orion was the fool that would become our beloved fool card, the Chinese believe the belt is the three kings that damned up the waters and gave them the Changes, the Irish called him the “armed King,” he is Nimrod the great hunter of Babel, Jason of the Argonaughts. Orion is littered through literature for the last 4000 years Hesiod and Homer call upon him, Tennyson recalls Orion regularly, all the way to modern works such as Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy (Ford prefect is from betelgueze 5 which is the “martial star” the star of Orion’s shoulder)…I could really go on. The history to this constellation is long. But the story how does that go? There are many layers to Orion’s story everyone has a finger in it now. He is pictured chasing after the virgins of the heavens the Peleides which are most often referred to as the Doves. Orion has no fear of course as the bull bears down on him. He is a great hunter he has a lions head in his hand, how can a hunter be overcome by the prey of the foe he has already overcome? Orion succumbs to his desires of course, he is a braggart and a fool, but he is by far the most amazing of all the constellations when they are before your eyes.

            The co-ruler of this decanate is Mercury, and it emphasizes excessive mental activity with great focus. Do to all this thinking there is bound to be internal struggle as the thoughts exceed the Down to earth Taururian sensibilities.

            If you find this card in your spread you will find you have delivered yourself from danger. The delivery will be by your own hand and it will be with some amount of inner turmoil or angst.

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