4 of Spades – Lepus

King of spades

The first decanate of Taurus is Lepus and the sun finds itself there from 4/20-4/30. Ruled by Venus this constellation shows a hare just beneath Orions feet on the banks of the river Eradinus, Orion’s hounds, and many other dangers abound. The hare is used to express timidity and fear that a hare would exhibit and yet buy an innate ability to know when to make a break for it the hare escapes. Perhaps this is the origin of the lucky rabbits foot a good luck charm around the world.


            Lepus does not rise on the horizon until Aquilla the eagle has set and Corvis the crow has just begun to rise as Lepus hides himself below the other horizon. Thus exhibited the hate between the eagle and the hare and the hare’s disgust at the crows voice. The Venus rulership of the sign leaves Lepus in good hands, through the love and gratuity of mother nature Lepus is showered with gifts to help in escape and camouflage.

            If you find this card in your spread you may find yourself in a position where your inner determination and perhaps a helping hand are the best you can hope for. One may find themselves in a position of remorse or regret for past actions.

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