6 of spades – Auriga

Phaethon’s descent

The sun still follows the river Eradinus from 5/11-5/21 into the constellation Auriga – the Chariot, this decan is ruled by Saturn. In line with it’s Saturn leanings chariots tended to be the vehicle of death adn demise. The chariot of the sun represents our vigor, pride, and outward focused desires. Phaethon’s inability to master these powers led to his being thrown down into the sweeping river. The actual constellation is of a distinguished old shepherd with reigns in his right hand and a goat and two kids in his left hand. The birth of this constellation is lost in time, but in country after country race after race the stars in this constellation are associated with the flood and massive droughts. The star of the goat is quite interesting, for one it is the most northerly star of it’s magnitude, so it comes out in the early evening and is the brightest high point in the northern sky. The Arabic name is Cappella, from which the word cornucopia comes and later yet the familiar term “horn of plenty” is derived from the name of this star and the star representing the goat in Auriga’s arms.

If you find this card in your spread whether it is pride, sexual desire, addictions, you have it, this card represents the master ship of desires and urges while at the same time shows “letting go.”. Letting go for upon mastership the old life falls away, what was dark is light. If all the desires are not mastered, then the letting go will still likely be a painful experience.

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